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Les Chais du Port de la Lune « Volume » 2020 – Bordeaux


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Les Chais du Port de la Lune are the result of an original approach by Laurent Bordes and Annica Landais-Haapa. A blend of talents and grapes. These, harvested from all over France, offer us after vinification (as incredible as it may seem, in a vegetated bunker in the historic district of Bacalan in Bordeaux), a blend of very good quality. 10 winegrowers, in organic farming or in conversion, spread over 8 different regions. PS: “Les chais du port de la lune” (in homage to Bordeaux and its crescent shape along the Garonne) is the only cellar where wines are vinified and aged in Bordeaux.

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“Because of its name, we wanted to seek more density in this second Bordeaux cuvée. To do this, we took the most qualitative part of the CANON cuvée. As a reminder, its identity is rich and complex and does not resemble any classic blend: we drink in the soul of the place and the history, of the grandfather who worked his vines in complantation and agro-forestry. In our vat, a dozen grape varieties have come together to harmonize and find their aromatic harmony. A nice fight between white (about 5%) and red which sets the tempo with red fruits and some unexpected notes of white-fleshed fruits. Then, 33% of a Cabernet Sauvignon from the Côtes de Bourg reinforces its structure and its mouthfeel. To calm all these little people, we also pushed the aging to 9 months with a mix of containers (terracotta jar and 300-litre barrels). The result is only finer and more elegant. A beautiful depth that emerges on a wine that stays no matter what, and it is our trademark, fresh and digestible.