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Discovery of the gems of «Vin de France »

You have probably been in front of a bottle of French wine with the label written «  Vin de France » But what does it really mean? Well, at first it was to put together wines with no specific origin or “appellation” but today it actually assembles many different producers from basic wines sold at bottom price in supermarkets to “vins d’auteur” handcrafted by real wine lovers and searched by wine lovers.

Many reasons will push a producer to sell his wine under the “Vin de France”  A wish to blend different grapes not always allowed in the appellation ( AOC ) and a total freedom to express his terroir mixing up different vintages ( like in Champagne !) or the will to go against the wave of standardized wines!

With this special offer you will have access to a selection of  6 wine producers that stands out by the quality and identity.

Wines formerly available: