A wine with a strong personality all in freshness

Domaine Gramenon “L’Émouvante” 2020 – Côtes-du-Rhône


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The originality of the Gramenon terroir comes from the limestone bar (tidal system) formerly covered by the sea (86 million years).
The thrust of the Alps brought out layers of sand left by the tides, an important limestone presence, thus a plateau 550 m wide and benefiting from a slight altitude was formed, while the clays were brought by the system river.

Grenache is the grape variety best acclimatized to our latitudes, expressing itself here in elegance and freshness.
Proof of this is the presence of numerous parcels of old vines (from 50 to 120 years old).
The cumulative influence of the age of the vines (therefore of deep rooting) and the specific character of the soils, gives the wines a particular and original profile.
To perpetuate the exceptional quality of the plant heritage, each vine planted comes from mass selection of the estate.

Since the creation in 1978, the vine has been cultivated in a natural and organic way.
Despite everything, the need to move towards biodynamics was felt (certification arrived in 2010).

Purity being the always inaccessible and utopian purpose of history, we strive to express as closely as possible, avoiding betraying them, the terroir and the grape, adapting ourselves as well as possible to the effects of the vintage.


Known and recognized by winelovers, Gramenon offers wines with a strong personality all in freshness (100% Biodynamic). The Emouvante cuvée comes from old Syrah vines at an altitude of 350 m.