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Domaine Jeantet-Laurent « Les Filles de Maugiron » 2014 – Côte-Rôtie


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It was at the time of the Lord of Maugiron that the Château d’Ampuis was the site of a gastronomic first.

Indeed, it was in 1553 that curious and enormous birds were served to guests: the first turkeys ever served in France. The wines tasted on this occasion came from two terroirs, the Côte Blonde and the Côte Brune.

According to legend, Lord Maugiron, who owned Côte-Rôtie, shared his estate to provide for his two daughters when they married. One was dark as jet and the other was blond as wheat (the vineyard extends over an exceptional terroir which is composed: to the north of terraces of mica schists or arzel for the Côte Brune, and to the extreme south of gneiss or granite for the Côte Blonde)

The Côte-Rôtie “Les Filles de Maugiron” is a blend of 5 plots on different hillsides.

This cuvée, produced in less than 2000 bottles, comes from the blend of the most beautiful plots of the Côtes Blonde (reflecting femininity) & Brune (embodying robustness). The Syrah (95%) and Viognier (5%) vines are cultivated there. The wine produced is distinguished by incredible aromas of raspberry, cassis and spices with a touch of violet. It is tannic, powerful and unctuous with a beautiful finesse. it has good aging potential.