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Château Guiraud 2016


This 1er Grand Cru Classé is a pioneer in many areas and uses 100% natural environmental practices. 65% Semillon, 35% Sauvignon Blanc.

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Comment about the vintage by Luc Planty, Technical Director
“After the earliness of the 2015, the perfect vintage shows up! Following a high pluviometry and a cold wave at the end of April, the vegetative period began with optimal conditions. Our environmental practices allowed us to step out from a particular campaign’s beginning. The blossoming occurs perfectly between the 6th and 15th of June. The summery heat confirms a slow and qualitative ripeness. The first picking begins, avoiding the storm, on September 22nd. The magic of Ciron brings up the rhythm of harvests with a perfect climatology allowing the development of Botrytis of a rare purity. After five pickings, the crop is over. The 2016 vintage reveals to be as quantitative as qualitative. It predicts to be great, clear, precised and homogeneous Sauternes.”